5 Must Try Mocktails

Drinks without alcohol don’t have to be boring. Lovingly referred to as mocktails, mock cocktails can be just as fun as the real thing, but without the hangover! Traditional mock cocktails mimic the flavour profiles of bar staples like tequila sunrises, mojitos, and more; they’re just zero-proof. 

You can turn almost any traditional cocktail into an alcohol-free version with a bit of imagination. If you’re looking for mock cocktail recipes, these five mocktails will entice your palette and make you forget alcohol was ever an option. 

  1. Faux-jito. This alcohol-free twist on the classic mojito is perfect for summertime sipping. All you need are fresh mint leaves, limes, agave nectar (or honey), ice, and soda water or seltzer. Give the mint leaves a good slap, then add them to a tall glass with three to four slices of lime. Muddle that together, then add your sweetener, ice, and carbonated beverage, and enjoy!  
  2. Cucumber Ginger Faux-tini. Cucumber and ginger are great for your digestive system, making this mocktail the perfect after-dinner drink. This twist on the traditional martini calls for cucumber, fresh ginger, sugar or agave nectar, and soda water. First, you’ll need to make the cucumber ginger syrup that gives this drink its signature flavor. You can make it by boiling water and sugar and then pouring it over the cucumber and ginger to steep. Once cooled, combine with water or the carbonated beverage of your choice, garnish, and serve! 
  3. Mock Mango Margarita. For a refreshing take on the classic Mexican margarita, combine mango puree with simple syrup, the juice of a Meyer lemon, and sparkling water. Get creative with your presentation and garnish your mock marg with flecks of edible gold sheets for added flair. Make sure you put this mocktail on the menu for National Margarita Day, Cinco de Mayo, or any day you want to feel like you’re at the beach.
  4. Minty Lemongrass Spritzer. As far as fancy non-alcoholic drinks go, spritzers are at the top of the list. Lemongrass and mint come together in this refreshing mocktail — another ideal option for the coming summer months. Combine chopped lemongrass leaves with water and sugar to create an infused syrup. Once you bring that to a boil, add mint leaves for another layer of flavor. Strain and cool until you’re ready to combine with sparkling water, lime wedges, and mint leaves for garnish. 
  5. Perfect Peach Bellini. Yet another fancy non-alcoholic option is an alcohol-free take on the classic bellini. This Italian cocktail is traditionally made with champagne, which can easily be subbed out for sparkling water or club soda. To make this mocktail bellini, combine frozen peaches with sparkling apple juice, sugar or sugar substitute, and lime juice and blend until smooth. Serve in a champagne flute to elevate your mocktail’s look, feel, and taste! 

Beverages made without alcohol are just as tasty — and healthier for you. Whether you’re pregnant, sober, sober-curious, or under the age of 21, there are plenty of reasons you might enjoy an alcohol-free drink. Don’t forget to garnish these mocktails in the ways you would a traditional cocktail to amplify your experience! Which mocktails will you be trying this spring and summer? howitstart