Cardiologist in Athens, Dr. Ilham Kaffa Offering Information and Treatment on Heart Care

Dr. Ilham Kaffa is a well-known cardiologist in Athens for providing high-quality heart care using cutting-edge technology and equipment. With several years of experience, cardiologist Dr. Ilham Kaffa has helped thousands of patients get back to their normal lives in no time. She offers consultations to people suffering from different conditions that include dizziness, chest pains, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and more. She is one of the most respected doctors in Athens, having helped thousands of patients live a normal and healthy life.

Heart Health Needs Regular Monitoring

Heart health is often not prioritized because the threat is not immediate or tangible. Prevention methods can include a change in lifestyle and focusing on good health. In our fast paced lives and hectic schedules, we often indulge in activities that are not good for our hearts. Long hours sitting in one place, munching on fried foods, having aerated drinks, a lack of exercise, stress, and anxiety cause strain on the heart. The results can be dangerous.

No wonder, people who have a hectic life, erratic work hours, are obese, and do not exercise much primarily should go for a regular heart check-up. Heart diseases are deadly, but timely diagnosis reduces the risk factor, so people can lead a normal life.

Cardiologist Dr. Ilham Kaffa mentions that people should be conscious and aware that heart health needs monitoring. There might be no symptoms at all, but is your heart healthy? Are you sure about it?

How a Heart Disease Can Surprise:

One of the most fatal diseases in the world is heart-related, or cardiac, disease. A heart attack does not require a specific time or age and can occur at any age. In fact, after the COVID-19 pandemic, it was seen that the younger generation, or people in their 20s and 30s, were suffering from heart attacks.

The reasons are many and include excess weight gain, smoking habits, consumption of fatty or junk foods, a lack of physical exercise, gender, family heredity, and more. There are some factors that can be controlled, like obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, while other factors, like hereditary issues, cannot be controlled. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to do regular heart check-ups, so that any problems can be detected at an early stage.

Understanding the Cause of Heart Attack:

Cardiologist Dr. Ilham Kaffa mentions that people should understand what causes a heart attack. It is actually the inability of the heart to pump blood through the blood vessels. The organs do not get the needed blood and nutrients for their proper functioning. Now, why does this happen? This happens because the arteries may be clogged.

Clogged arteries mean chest pain, breathlessness, tiredness, and overall weakness in some people, though there are several instances when people did not have any symptoms at all. It is important that people understand their bodies well, notice any changes, and consider all signs seriously. If anything seems unusual, then consultation with a cardiologist is a must. A slight delay or trying out home remedies can be fatal and is never recommended.

Thus, the best thing is to be aware and stay educated about health issues. Be aware of things that can lead to poor cardiovascular health so that the right steps can be taken.

Dr. Ilham Kaffa Suggests Lifestyle Changes:

Some factors are beyond our control, while many others are. Cardiologist Dr. Ilham Kaffa mentions certain changes in lifestyle that are good for the heart and might help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Here are some of the many things that might help.

Regular Exercise is a Must:

An active lifestyle is what most of us need, especially because we spend long hours in front of computers or mobile screens. As a result, weight gain is a common phenomenon all over the world. Fitness is important for the heart to function well. Exercises help in reducing anxiety and stress levels, which tend to strain the heart. Also, it can help in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood, which is a leading cause of clogged arteries.

Cardiologists recommend the following:

  • Devote at least 30 minutes everyday for exercises
  • You do not have to join a gym, simple brisk walking for 30 minutes in a day is good.
  • You can try a mix of exercises which will not bore you
  • Be consistent and dedicated, you can prepare your exercise schedule in advance and stick to it.

A Healthy Diet is required:

Eating habits must be monitored. Skipping meals is never recommended because it is not healthy. Heart-healthy foods can help reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. Cardiologists suggest reducing the intake of high-fat foods like fatty meat. Poultry or low-fat fish is good. One should also reduce butter, coconut oil, cheese, ice cream, and other foods that are high in fat content.

Smoking should be avoided:

Smoking is never good for anyone, irrespective of age and sex. It is extremely important to completely stay away from smoking because it is bad for your health. Cardiologists mention that smoking can cause irreversible injury to the overall health of an individual.

Avoid Anxiety and Stress:

Life is challenging, and stress is a part of everyone’s life. In spite of all odds, it’s important to stay positive, happy, and anxiety-free. To keep anxiety at bay, you can engage yourself in different activities. Listen to music, develop a habit, meet friends, travel, or do anything that makes you happy.

These were some of the many things people can do for the health of their hearts. However, everything might not be simple, and people might suffer from cardiac issues.

Get in Touch with an Athens Cardiologist:

If you suspect you have heart problems or something is not right, do not delay and get in touch with cardiologist Dr. Ilham Kaffa. She offers consultations and has helped thousands of people suffering from heart ailments in the past few years. A patient doctor who understands the apprehensions of patients, Dr. Kaffa can help you.