CybrHome – A New Website Discovery Platform

The development team of CybrHome, a new website discovery platform, is based at NITK Science and Technology Entrepreneur Park in Surathkal, India. The site allows users to browse and discover the best websites, blogs, and apps. The team comprises of three final year CSE undergraduates. They believe that the technology of the future is mobile. They want to make mobile browsing as easy and enjoyable as possible, and CybrHome aims to do this.

The startup was founded as a student initiative, with support from Microsoft’s BizSpark program, and participation in Facebook’s FbStart programme. The team was ranked among the top 25 student startups in India, and its growth was facilitated by the NEN. In June and August of 2015, CybrHome launched a dedicated mobile website and app. In September, the team launched social profiles. And in October, the company was selected by Facebook as a part of the FbStart program.

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As with all other search engines, CybrHome makes discovering new websites and apps easy and quick. It is a much faster way to discover new websites and blogs. It lets you search by keyword and browse by topic. It is a great tool to find websites and apps that interest you. CybrHome also helps you navigate through different websites, helping you save time and energy. With the new tools, your browsing experience will become much more pleasant.