Earl Gray, Fantasy Tea & Oolong – Teas That Span the Globe

Tea is a beverage that has been consumed around the world for centuries. From fantasy tea that’s blended right here in the USA to Oolong tea from the Far East, the variety available is staggering. Millions of cups of tea are drunk every day across the globe, so its impact on human culture cannot be underestimated. 

In this article, we look at some of the major tea-producing countries that are responsible for the blends we know and love. So, if you’ve got a cup ready yourself and you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll begin. 

China – The de Facto Birthplace of Tea 

While the exact origin of tea is hard to pin down, it’s widely believed to be from China. To the Chinese, tea is part of life, with hundreds of different varieties available. We might be making fantasy tea in the US now, but the Chinese were drinking the stuff as far back as 3000 BC! 

One of the most popular available in China is Huangshan Moafeng – which even has its own folklore behind it. It’s a green tea that is fabled to have grown from the tears of a girl who lost her husband-to-be the day before their wedding. 

Japan – Another Rich Tea Culture 

Japan also sits in the Far East and as such, it’s also known for the tea its people drink and produce. One such blend is Matcha that’s created today in the same way it was, way back in the 1100s. It’s dried out so much that it turns into a fine, green powder that’s then added to hot water. 

Forming part of the spiritual Japanese ‘Chado’ ceremony, it’s a beverage (like so many available in Japan) that represents a permanent fixture in the country’s culture. 

India – Centuries of Tea-Making Heritage

Again, making us fantasy tea drinkers in the USA seem like newbies to the tea world, India is another of the countries that are steeped (pardon the pun) in tea-focused history. The national beverage in the country is called ‘Chai’ and they’re the world’s largest tea producers. 

Tea is as familiar to Indians as cricket and Bollywood and has been for hundreds of years. Despite China also being hugely prominent, India has carved out a place in history when it comes to the drink. 

Great Britain 

Lastly, we have good old Great Britain – a nation that claims tea as its own! Tea is synonymous with games of cricket on the town lawn, fish and chips and King Charles, so they know a thing or two about how to drink it. Combined with scones and whipped cream, it’s enjoyed across the country. 

Hundreds of millions of cups of tea are drunk each day in Britain, so we had to include them on our list of tea champions! 

Fantasy Tea or Earl Gray – There’s Something For Everyone

Tea is a drink that’s tasty, and satisfying and comes in an array of flavors and blends. It will likely still be around in another 1,000 years, such is its popularity and longevity.

If you’re not a regular tea drinker, it could be that you simply haven’t been shown what’s on offer. Don’t think for a second though that not liking one blend means you don’t like all of them though. There really is something for everyone, so it’s a matter of keeping looking

Your new favorite tea is out there, just waiting to be discovered.