HealthTap Commits to Evidence-Based Medicine

HealthTap is dedicated to Evidence-Based Medicine and strives to deliver top-notch medical care to patients across America.

HealthTap’s Board of Directors has ousted as CEO, after he was accused of intimidating and threatening behaviour.

1. Access to the Latest Research

HealthTap believes in the power of evidence-based medicine to enhance patient care. This philosophy involves integrating cutting-edge research with clinical expertise, leading to more tailored, personalized care for those who are ill or at risk of becoming so.

This type of decision-making is more efficient and accurate than the current, one-size-fits all approach. Furthermore, this method makes it easier to avoid unnecessary treatments and care that can be costly and have an adverse effect on healthcare outcomes.

HealthTap Premium Service users enjoy unparalleled access to the newest research and real-world evidence to back up your healthcare decisions. We make this information and data freely accessible through our App, Services, and Content.

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2. Real-World Evidence

HealthTap brings together an expansive physician network, the most advanced medical technologies and data-driven decision making to offer personalized healthcare in a virtual setting. This includes an extensive suite of applications, informational tools and electronic healthcare records designed to enhance quality and effectiveness in continuing care for patients, physicians, employers and insurers alike.

Real-world evidence is playing an increasingly important role in the development and implementation of clinical guidelines, policy decisions and data-driven treatment options. The FDA has recognized this need and made real-world data (RWD) a central element of its monitoring and evaluation programs. Meanwhile, medical practitioners are using RWD to inform coverage decisions, create guidelines and decision support tools as well as generate innovative new treatment approaches.

Doctors on HealthTap can answer user questions related to their specialty, build a local reputation and attract new patients with one-on-one video visits online or while on the go. Furthermore, the app features a symptom checker which helps users make an informed decision whether or not to see a doctor and provides comprehensive explanations of symptoms, such as whether they may be related to illness or another condition.

3. Personalized Care

Patients in need of urgent medical assistance can access top doctors 24/7 through video consultations. Not only have that, but users also get advice on managing health conditions and can got prescriptions if necessary.

HealthTap believes everyone should have easy and affordable access to quality healthcare, regardless of location or financial circumstance. That is why HealthTap is dedicated to improving lives around the globe by offering personalized information as well as free online and mobile answers from thousands of top physicians in the U.S.

The app allows members to ask questions and receive answers from top doctors in their area through secure instant messaging and HD video consultations. Furthermore, the service provides a symptom checker and other helpful tools. Furthermore, the service has access to hundreds of real patient queries with doctor responses which users can search through.

4. Data Driven Decisions

HealthTap has created an innovative platform that provides its members with access to top Medical Experts via HD video and secure text chat, so they can get their questions answered, book appointments, and even receive prescriptions from a doctor – all from the convenience of home or their office.

HealthTap utilizes Eval360, a proprietary platform, to assist its PCPs in conducting long-term, detailed screenings that give patients a comprehensive view of their health and family history, current conditions, medications taken, lab and device values as well as risk factors and social determinants. This data can be utilized for improving condition management and preventing disease.

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HealthTap strives to ensure its members receive care through the platform and do not contact Medical Experts via phone, email or other messaging systems outside of it. This safeguards both patients and Medical Experts by delivering clinical care in a dependable, continuous, and monitored fashion.