Maximal Style Add color to decorate your home to be pleasant.

Many people have heard of a minimalist home decorating style that emphasizes simplicity. Decorated with light-colored furniture, simple design and minimal placement, but today, the style of home decoration is the opposite of the minimalist style. And to forget the simple home decoration, which is a Maximal Style home decoration that combines bright colors. distinctive pattern And many different elements create a lively atmosphere in the house. and increase the feeling of having more fun

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What is Maximal Style?

Maximal Style is one of the design concepts that combines a variety of colors, patterns and elements. to beautify and feel full of energy Especially when bringing this style into the home decoration. It is considered to fill the house more lively. by bringing a variety of furniture and home decorations to place Help create a pleasant atmosphere and get a unique home.

10 ideas to decorate the room in Maximal Style, including bedroom, living room and dining room. To arrange the house to be livable and able to create bright colors for the house

living room

To decorate the living room in Maximal Style, you can use sofas, armchairs and decorative items in bright colors with chic design patterns. to make the house more pleasant

1 Place the sofa in a fresh color to create a bright atmosphere in the living room.

The first idea for arranging a home in a Maximal Style is choosing a long sofa in fresh colors. with colorful cushions Add a soft touch to relax. In addition, it can bring a round center table in rose gold color that is shiny. Let’s add an atmosphere to make the living room more colorful.

2 Choose a chair with colorful upholstery and a chic pattern.

One of the characteristics of Maximal Style furniture is the combination of colors and patterns to make it stand out. like a chair that sits upholstered in colorful fabrics or have different patterns and used to decorate the living room where the furniture is arranged without having to control the color tones to be all the same

3 Arrange colorful cushions to brighten up a dark living room.

Organizing your home can be done by adding color from decorations. like colorful cushions which adorns the brightly colored sofa in the dark living room. This is an idea that reveals the bold colors of the cushions. This is the main principle of Maximal Style and also adds brightness. It makes me feel fun and relaxed every time I relax in the living room.

4 Hang pictures in the room to create a unique style.

Using pictures on the wall is another idea to help make your home more pleasant. In particular, the arrangement of the living room in a Maximal Style that always brings a unique image. Created from a variety of colors and patterns. If you bring this kind of image to decorate a room with brightly colored furniture and decorations. will help to enhance the maximal is more pronounced


For a bedroom in a Maximal Style, often add brightly colored decorations. And there are beautiful graphics patterns to create a dimensional atmosphere in the room. look alive ready to sleep comfortably

5 Put on a blanket in bright colors to make you feel energized.

Ideas to decorate the bedroom in Maximal Style with colorful blankets such as red, blue, gray, black to create layers to make the bed look three-dimensional. It also uses a variety of graphic patterned cushions. enhance the bedroom to have a bright atmosphere to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated Ready to go out and enjoy life

6 Install a ceiling lamp in bright tones to add a touch of cuteness to the bedroom.

Anyone who wants to add color to the bright home Try opting for pendant lights in bright tones to brighten up any room. You can also add more details in the room by spreading blankets, bedspreads and pillowcases in many different colors. It will help create color in the bedroom. and change the atmosphere to be more lively

7 Decorate the room with geometric graphic decorations.

Organizing your home by using graphic patterns Or various geometric patterns, which are the main identity of the Maximal Style home, either using a rug or a triangular patterned cabinet. to match the wall on which the graphic sticker is attached. with added square lamps and decorated with cute colorful decorations to create a simple style. to be livable and beautiful

dining room

The last room is the dining room. which can be arranged to be livable easily by combining various styles of furniture and complemented with chic decorations To break the rules of simplicity to get a house in Maximal Style

8 Mix different styles of furniture together

Maximal Style dining room decorated with various styles of furniture. Both use modern style black and yellow dining chairs. and a wooden dining table with natural patterned glass cabinets There is also a white storage cabinet decorated with rattan doors. with a stylish black room decoration on top This is a new style creation. And help everyone in the house to come to eat together without being bored.

9 Find the main furniture to balance the variety.

For many people who are worried that the Maximal Style home decoration will create too many different styles of furniture and decorations. Choosing the main material to use is another starter idea. like using a wooden round table and decorated with wooden frame chairs of many colors and patterns and decorated with wooden storage cabinets with cool graphic storage boxes Just like this, it will be able to arrange the house to be more livable.

10 Add chic details to the dining room with tablecloths.

Organize your home with stylish decorative items, such as laying a striped cloth on the dining table. with similar patterned carpets create prominent lines Help adjust the atmosphere every time you come to eat. with more brightness You can also choose different chair designs. To decorate the room, Maximal Style, complete by combining many elements together.