Romtech’s ® Portableconnect ® Vs. Standard Knee Surgery Recovery

A picture of a surgeon performing surgery on a patient’s knee in a hospital.

If you are preparing for a knee replacement surgery, you may wonder about the recovery period and what this typically looks like for most individuals. 

This process will vary from patient to patient, but taking the proper steps during recovery can make a big difference – and that’s where ROM Technologies ™ comes in.

ROMTech ® has developed the PortableConnect ®, designed to make recoveries quicker and less painful than traditional recovery methods. It lets you exercise at home and shares data with your physician so they can stay updated about your progress. This can be easier and more effective than other methods.

This article will compare a traditional recovery process with the process you’ll go through using a PortableConnect ®, so you can better understand whether this solution would be valuable for your recovery.

How Does The PortableConnect ® Work?

The PortableConnect ® works by providing patients with a machine that they can use to perform recommended exercises from the comfort of their own homes. It reduces the need to visit your physician in person or a gym while recovering.

Is ROMTech’s ® Solution Preferable To Other Solutions?

The recovery from a total knee replacement can be an extended period. The first 12 weeks are usually the most vital, and your approach to these will determine your pain management, your range of motion progression, and even the extent of your complete recovery. 

Let’s compare the standard recovery process with ROMTech’s innovation.

Traditional Knee Replacement Recovery Process

A picture of a person sitting on a medical bench wearing a hospital gown in preparation for knee surgery.

With the standard recovery procedure, you will be given a physical therapist to show you how to stand and walk with an assisted device (e.g. a cane, walker, etc.). You will initially be assisted when getting up, walking, and moving around.

You will then be given a continuous passive motion machine (CPM). This is designed to help the joint move in a controlled, gentle way and should reduce stiffness and scar tissue.

You may be given this machine to take home or use only in the hospital. After about three days, most people are discharged, and an exercise schedule will be drawn up to ensure you are exercising your knee sufficiently.

Your physical therapist will monitor your exercise, and you will likely need to attend regular sessions with them. They will suggest exercises such as mini squats, bicycling (on a stationary bike), leg balancing, step-ups, hip abductions, and heel and toe raises.

Some of these can be performed at home, but others will require you to access a gym so you have the appropriate equipment available. Recommendations can vary, but you’ll often exercise around 2 or 3 times daily for 20 minutes each time.

ROMTech’s ® Knee Replacement Recovery Process

The start of the process will likely be very similar, with help in the hospital and an exercise plan tailored to your needs. However, once you get home, a PortableConnect ® will change your exercise approach. It provides you with gentle movements that will comfortably manipulate the joint.

One of the most significant advantages of this device is that it is in your home and available for you to use whenever it suits you. You won’t have to access a gym, which means you can exercise anytime. This often leads to faster and more effective recovery.

Furthermore, it can collect data to share with your healthcare professionals. It measures your range of motion, walks you through the various aspects of recovery, and tracks your health as you exercise. All of this can be passed directly to your healthcare provider.

This will ensure your healthcare provider has access to as much information as possible about your recovery process, maximizing your chances of a full recovery. 

Peter Arn CEO knows how vital convenient communication is when recovering, so you can also talk to your doctor using telehealth technology. This enables face-to-face communication via a video link, allowing you to talk directly to your doctor without leaving the comfort of your home.

How Do You Get a PortableConnect ®?

If you have a knee replacement, you should discuss the option of a PortableConnect ® with your physician. They will determine whether they can prescribe one.

If they do, a ROMTech ® clinician will bring the device to your home and customize it to suit your needs. They will show you how to use it safely, and answer any questions. In most cases, the device will be available for about 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your recovery and needs.

Do You Get Better Results With ROMTech’s ® Device?

ROMTech ®  has produced some studies that suggest their device may yield better results than the traditional approach to recovery after a knee replacement. 

Their studies showed a 112-degree range of motion after two weeks of using the PortableConnect ® whereas only a 99-degree range of motion in the same amount of time with standard care. 

It also suggests that half of the patients recovered their range of motion within two weeks of the operation, while only 13 percent of patients using standard care did.

Many patients who use the PortableConnect ® find that they become active again more quickly and they are less dependent on prescription medications throughout recovery.

Overall, the PortableConnect ® is a viable alternative to the traditional recovery process that patients who have had knee surgery usually go through. It offers more information about your recovery to your healthcare providers and lets you exercise without leaving your home.