The Best Benzoyl Peroxide Wash & Tips For Dark Skin Acne

When you’re having to deal with acne as a person with darker skin, the problem is commonly accompanied by hyperpigmentation – which is darker spots to you and me. The best benzoyl peroxide wash is able to prevent this from happening for all skin types, and there are other ways to complement it too. 

Honestly, though, to say that ‘darker skin’ is a skin tone category belies the fact that there are many different complexions within the group. For instance, you have Native American, Latino, Mediterranean, Asian and Latino types of skin, so it’s not quite as simple as saying “dark skin”. 

The Best Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Works For Everyone 

The great thing about benzoyl peroxide (BP) products is that they work, no matter what color your skin is. The thing is, you won’t get the full benefits of what they offer if you don’t also do the right things to complement them. 

Here are some other things you need to consider…

  • Treating acne quickly reduces the chances of dark spots and scarring – rather than leaving things to develop before you take action to control it, it’s best to deal with the problem early. The moment you allow more severe symptoms to appear, your chances of permanent skin damage can go up. 
  • Combine the best benzoyl peroxide wash with a retinoid – in reality, not every acne product is going to produce great results for darker skin – not on its own, at least. In practice, the best results tend to come when benzoyl peroxide is used alongside a good retinoid. Sure, this means more expense, but they make for an effective and powerful pair. 
  • Benzoyl peroxide won’t make your skin lighter! – there’s a misconception in circulation that benzoyl peroxide will lighten darker skin, but it really is just an old wives’ tale. It’s a logical misconception – as it can bleach towels, clothes and even your hair – but it’s wide of the mark when it comes to the truth.
  • Never EVER pop your pimples – this is a tip that applies to anyone, dark skin or light – never EVER pop your pimples. There are two BIG reasons why this isn’t advisable; 1) you greatly increase the likelihood of your acne spreading to another area of the body, and 2) you also massively increase the chances of scarring. 
  • Hair oil could be the problem – when you’re trying to treat acne, and it’s only appearing on the side of your cheeks and forehead, its location might give you a clue or two about why it’s happening. Pomade acne – as it’s known – occurs when hair oil clogs the pores. It can be avoided, however, through the use of water-based or glycerin-based hair products.

Dark Skin Acne Has a Remedy – You Just Need to Find Yours

The truth is that even the best benzoyl peroxide wash needs to be used the right way. When you do, you get a remedy that really does work and can leave you with the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

That said, everyone’s skin is unique to them, so it can take a little trial and error until you find the right balance.