What Does a Web Developer Do?

A Web Developer is a multi-faceted professional, responsible for building web-based applications and websites. He or she must collaborate with other members of an organization to meet the needs of the entire project. He or she must maintain open lines of communication and be able to translate technical jargon into understandable terms for clients. A web development is much like a parent who is able to explain complex subjects to a curious child. Just as a parent can explain why the sky is blue, a web developer must also communicate with clients in order to develop a solution.

UI designers create the look and feel of a website

A good user interface design creates products and websites that are easy to use. It involves knowing fundamental visual design principles. The main purpose of the design is to convey a message quickly and effectively. This means that the look and feel of a product or website should not only be attractive, but also easy to understand.

UI designers are required to be talented in both areas and must have strong graphic design and prototyping skills. They also must be able to think like a user and imagine how they will interact with the product or website. A good user interface can make navigation easy for users and increase the efficiency of a website.

A successful UI designer should be able to incorporate user feedback into the design process. A UI designer should be able to analyze the needs of the user, and use the results to make the product better for that user.

Front end developers create the functionality

Front end developers work on web sites, which includes the design and functionality. They must be technically proficient, creative, and comfortable working with various software. They focus on the user experience and apply technology to improve efficiency and speed. They also ensure that a site looks and feels good on all devices.

Front end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the structure and functionality of web pages. They also create page templates and style the content to follow brand and UI designer guidelines. Often, this means creating custom functionality for the site. In addition to designing the site, front end developers also write the code for the site.

A front end developer is a key part of a team of developers, as they merge the disciplines of web development and design. They often start by creating a prototype of a web site before starting the actual coding. The prototype allows the developer to test the user interface. They may use a pencil and paper to sketch out the design or advanced graphical editing tools like Photoshop to create a mockup.

They interact with other personnel involved in the planning process

The job of Web Developers is varied, and they must work with other personnel to achieve the goals of a website. They must coordinate with designers, illustrators, and copywriters, analyze website performance, and collaborate with stakeholders to prioritize updates. They must also be knowledgeable about emerging technologies and methods.

Web planning is a dynamic, continual process in which opportunities and resources are constantly being assessed. It is also often a strategic effort to reach a broad audience, and often involves a variety of different media outlines and techniques. It is also crucial for Web Developers to have good communication skills.


During the planning process, Web Developers will work closely with the project’s architect. They will create page wireframes to show how each page will be used. This will help ensure that the content is accessible and easy to read for users. They will also be required to provide relevant charts and diagrams so that sponsors can understand the structure of the website.