Why Designer Bags Are Worth It

Designer bags can be a great investment. After all, they usually hold their value and can be resold for a profit.

From new hero pieces that have excited style experts to timeless staples, this edit of designer bags has something for everyone. Plus, all the bags you see here will hold their resale value, according to The where to sell my designer bag Consignment Report.

1. They’re Expensive

Designer bags come with a price tag that’s often pretty hefty. This is partly due to the intangible ’status’ that comes with them.

Hermes and Chanel handbags for example, have a certain status attached to them which means you can expect them to hold their value better than some other brands. This is also true of some of the other designer labels.

2. They’re Unique

A designer bag is one of the most unique accessories you can buy. It can add flair to any outfit and make a statement.

However, many designer bags aren’t easy to get your hands on. With yearly bag quotas, limited production runs and waitlists, finding your dream bag can be frustrating. But once you do, it will be worth it. The bag will be the highlight of your wardrobe for years to come.

3. They’re a Statement

Designer bags are a great way to make a statement. They’re often made from high-quality leather and can be a great addition to any outfit.

Whether you’re looking for a new hero piece that will have all the style experts talking or a timeless classic like the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag, there’s a designer bag out there for everyone. Take a look at our edit to find your perfect match!

4. They’re Versatile

Designer bags are a great investment because they are usually timeless and can be worn in many different ways. This makes them a versatile accessory that can be used to complete your outfits for both casual and dressy occasions.

Plus, most of these designer bags are made with durable textiles like leather — so you can use them for years to come.

5. They’re Durable

Designer bags are a solid investment because they’re made to last. Whether they’re new hero pieces that excite style experts or classic closet staples, these bags are seasonless and can be worn year after year without looking dated.

Plus, purchasing one designer bag is less expensive than buying multiple cheaper purses throughout the year. Plus, they’re incredibly durable and won’t tear easily.

6. They’re Stylish

A designer bag is stylish and a great way to make a fashion statement. Plus, it will boost your confidence and add a touch of luxury to your outfit.

Some bag styles may even increase in value over time. This is particularly true for designs that have a strong vintage appeal or were coveted by celebrities. For example, the Hermes Kelly is a classic bag that has been coveted by style icons since its launch in the 1950s.

7. They’re a Statement

A designer bag is the kind of statement that can elevate an outfit. Plus, they can also be a great investment piece that will stand the test of time.

While some trends may come and go, classic designer bags often remain coveted and are in high demand on the resale market. So, they’re definitely worth it! Especially since they’re likely to become your newest wardrobe staple.

8. They’re Fashionable

A luxury bag is a fashion investment. Unlike seasonal It bags that become out of style as quickly as they come in, many classic designer styles remain in fashion currency for years to come.

Think Fendi’s Baguette, sell designer bags and Hermes’ Kelly bag. Whether you’re looking to make the perfect sartorial statement or simply stand out from the crowd, these timeless pieces will elevate any outfit for seasons to come.

9. They’re Functional

Bags are one of the most functional accessories a woman can have. Whether you’re going out for dinner or shopping at the mall, a designer bag can help you carry your things while still looking stylish.

From new hero pieces that excite style experts to timeless classics, this edit is filled with bags to treasure for years to come. Choose from designer shoulder bags, satchels, crossbody bags and vacation totes in seasonless neutrals.

10. They’re Stylish

From new hero bags that have style experts excited to classic styles whose popularity has stood the test of time, these designer bag designs are solid investment pieces that will remain stylish season after season. Pair them with your favorite neutral blazer and wide-leg trousers for a chic look that will stand out from the crowd.


Whether you’re after the iconic Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag or a more subtle silhouette like the Celine Pillow Tabby, we have the perfect bag for every occasion.