Why We Choose Drexel Hill Dentist

Drexel Hill dentists are here to help families, from newborns to grandparents, receive quality dental care. From cleanings to repairs, they provide a comprehensive range of services for patients of all ages.

She maintains professional memberships to ensure she remains up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies in her field. The Drexel Hill dentist also accepts multiple insurance plans and will be happy to verify coverage with you during your visit.

Dr. Taher Dhoon

Dr. Taher Dhoon is a Drexel Hill dentist with a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to help patients improve their dental health. He is passionate about learning the latest in dental techniques and technologies.

He also enjoys helping his patients with their oral health concerns, including overcoming anxiety and fear of the dentist. He has completed training and is licensed to provide oral sedation for those who have difficulty with dental visits.

His dedication to patient care and education has earned him an award from the Academy of General Dentistry for his efforts in this area. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry and regularly attends continuing education courses to keep up with the latest in dental technology.

He has also authored and launched “The Practice Launchpad,” an innovative book, podcast, and consulting program designed to help dental practitioners create and grow the business of their dreams. It’s a great resource for new dentists who want to know how to control their overhead, systemize their practices, and maximize profits while growing their businesses with the addition of specialty procedures.

Dr. Paula Druskins

A Drexel Hill dentist offers a range of dental services such as preventive care, treatment for gum disease, teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, and treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder. They can also carry out oral cancer screenings and provide fluoride treatments.

A dental hygienist can help patients keep their smiles clean and healthy by performing daily hygiene procedures such as brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. They can also administer fluoride treatments and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Similarly, dentists can conduct oral surgery, diagnose and treat tooth decay, and perform restorative dentistry procedures. They can also conduct dental examinations and x-rays.

A patient-centered dentist is dedicated to treating their patients with empathy and compassion. She aims to deliver comprehensive dental care, restoring patients’ confidence in their smiles. She also enjoys educating her patients about their dental health.

Dr. Denyse Lee

Denyse Lee is a Drexel Hill dentist who practices in Auburn Hills, MI. She works with a number of patients and has been in practice for over 23 years. She provides a variety of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and laser dentistry. She also offers sedation dentistry and has experience treating a wide range of dental conditions.

She completed her medical degree at Harvard University and then went on to complete her general surgery training as well as a fellowship in endocrine surgery. She now specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal disorders. She also focuses on minimally invasive techniques.

Her reviews on Healthgrades indicate that she is friendly, professional, and caring. She takes her time to understand her patient’s needs and concerns, and she offers support and encouragement during treatments. Patients who have consulted with her say that she is knowledgeable about their treatment plans and that they trust her spicecinemas decisions.

Dr. Kelly F. Stubbs

I am a sucker for a good dentist, and this Drexel Hill doc has me hooked. She is a highly skilled and well-educated practitioner who has helped me maintain the health of my teeth and gums for many years. As a bonus, she and her staff are very friendly and fun to be around. She has also done her homework when it comes to educating her patients on the best preventative measures and treatment options available to them. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Drexel Hill dentist or is in the market for a new one.